Thursday, January 29, 2009

Linkitty-links!!! Skeptic Circle! Skeptical Parent Crossing! Carnival of the Godless!

The 104th Edition of the Skeptics' Circle is now up over at Space City Skeptics, a blog I have enjoyed since its fabulous inception! Go check it out!

Another great blog carnival, Skeptical Parent Crossing, is up at Skepdad! This is an awesome carnival that I've been privileged to participate in in the past! I always look forward to reading other skeptical parents' writings.

There's a mighty poetic Carnival of the Godless up at Reduce to Common Sense! I'm still reading through all the awesome entries!

GRACIOUS, there's some awesome blogging going on out there!!! I even managed an actual submission to the Skeptics' Circle this time. Clearly I was too busy blogging about squirrels to post much in the way of critical thinking and parenting this month, and also, I haven't been posting as much godlessery. ZIRCON is now my god!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

(Have some more coffee, Perky!)

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Joy said...

I'll check that out when our Comcast problems are remedied here. Until then, thanks for the link!