Thursday, April 23, 2009

Once more, into the breach!-- with cupcakes.

I... am not a good cook.

Oh there are some things I have learned to do well. But, when it comes right down to it, cooking scaaaaares me. There's this HOT thing that can BURN me!!! And I have to go NEAR it! On purpose!!! It's just WACKY MADNESS, I tell you!!!!! :D

Once I get a recipe or method I like, though, I find I enjoy it. I love, love love cooking curries, for instance! There's all this fiddly little obsessive-compulsive stuff I can do with my hands, like peeling garlic cloves, separating coriander stalks from the leaves, adjusting spice ratios and such. There's a lot for an Aspie to love about this-- once one gets acclimated. :) Personally, until I am acclimated to a task, I always go into it with copious anxiety... which sounds like a dreadful way to go through life, but actually, it kind of turns extremely mundane aspects of life into this HUGE ADVENTURE, so, it's pretty fun on balance. :) OMG DOING DISHES!!! OMGLAUNDRY!!!! See, I can confess this to the blogosphere-- I would not tell people face-to-face what a HUGE DRAMAFEST I find daily life tasks to be, because it is silly and embarrassing. But it is also my SECRET GUILTY PLEASURE! MY ENTIRE LIFE IS SEEKRIT OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY!!! :D :D :D

:ahem: Anyway.

Today's adventure: OMGBAKING!!!

Baking and I have a checquered history. There are so many things that can go wrong when one bakes, and I think I have discovered just about all of them. Shockingly, I am awesome in a chemistry lab, though, so learning more about food chemistry has helped! Now I can view baking rationally as a BIG HUGE ACID-BASE REACTION in my STOVE where the object is to produce zomgBUBBLES!!! so that the cake RISES and is FLUFFY and not all masonrylike and flat like my first cake turned out. (Oh, yes, I managed to screw up a CAKE MIX. That took supreme inattention, yes yes!)

I have since learned not to screw up cake mixes, huzzah! So now the next step-- what's on tap for today is my first-ever scratch-made cake. I have made cookies from scratch, so I think I'm up to the challenge.

The recipe: Yogurt Sponge Cake from this book called Birthday Cakes from Love Food (R), an imprint of Paragon Books Ltd, 2007. Recipes by Oliver Trific, which is just the best name ever and cannot POSSIBLY be his real name and if it IS, OMG!!! Best name ever.

I am going to use this recipe in an attempt to make 18 cupcakes. Wish me luck. I'M GOIN' IN!!!

(:runs into kitchen yelling battle-cry while waving cookbook overhead:)


JLK said...

You rock on, Perky!

You make all of those things sound infinitely more exciting than they are! Which is fantastic!

It almost made me want to go and do laundry....

Almost. ;)

Perky Skeptic said...

THANK you, JLK! You are so awesome! :) I'm going to try to channel some of this enthusiasm into some DISH-WASHING in a moment here! :D Laundry is... ehhhhh an Adventure I could do without, today! ;)

Also, I SURVIVED THE CUPCAKES!!! And so did they!!! On to... (dun-dun-DUHHHHHHHN) frosting!!!

Joy said...

I love you! And understand quite a bit of this, you know. :-) My nemesis is paperwork right now. Paperwork that will bring me money.

So glad to hear the cupcakes are tasty. You make such a good story out of all of this and an adventure, too!


Perky Skeptic said...

Awww, thank you, Joy! It's good that we've got family who understands us, isn't it! :D

I haven't actually eaten any cupcakes, they're just sitting there looking pretty. But I did consume enough batter to be confident in the tastyness of the recipie. ;)

Quirky Mom said...

Mmmmm, cake. You are making me want to bake. But then I would have baked goods in the house, and that would be bad.

I have trouble with cooking that requires following a recipe/instructions. But I love improvising.

Perky Skeptic said...

I feel the same way, Quirky Mom! Although I have had NO baked goods today at all!

...I am less than virtuous for having pigged out on cake batter, but... ;D

intrinsicallyknotted said...

Mmmm…sounds delicious. And by the way, on the screwing-up-cake-mix thing, I have a cookie recipe that involves precisely that. Basically, you take cake mix and add an entirely different set of ingredients than the ones called for on the box, then drop spoonfuls onto a cookie sheet. They rise only a small amount, so they're basically very dense cake cookies. So you see, sometimes it's okay to screw up a cake mix!

Perky Skeptic said...

oooh, musesusan, I think I need that recipie. I'd be an expert at it! ;D

Interrobang said...

This is me trying to concentrate on work and failing, because my entire life is SEEKRIT OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY!!! as well. And maybe sometimes SEEKRIT FIZZICAL TERRORISM!!!* too!

Ain't disability great? :D

* That'd be "physiotherapy" for the physiotherapy novices in the crowd...